15 січня, 2020

Olexandr Melnyk


Editor in Chief

Doctor of agricultural sciences, Professor

Professor of the Department of Fruitgrowing and Viticulture                   Uman National University of Horticulture

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Volodymyr Majboroda



Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, associate professor

Docent Department of Fruitgrowing and Viticulture                                           Uman National University of Horticulture

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Olga Drozd



Candidate of Agricultural Sciences,

Uman National University of Horticulture

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Iryna Lychenkova



Editor, moderator of the site

Master of fruit and vegetable growing and viticulture

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Svitlana Bilozub










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The Horticultural News – Research and Production magazine that started in 1993. It’s one of the first and perhaps the only one periodic professional magazine in Ukraine, which covered most of intensive gardening questions. It was the impulse to creation in Ukraine new fruitggrowing farms,  that operate on the basis of the new intensive technologies.


For near 25 years the magazine has become well known in fruitgrowing circles of Ukraine. Editorship is also an organizer of an educational trips to the best fruitgrowing enterprises of Ukraine and abroad, particularly in Austria, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Russia, Hungary, France and other.

Begin of the path

The impulse for creation  the magazine was a trip to Poland members of the Department of fruitgrowing and viticulture from Uman State Agrarian University. Seen and heard deeply impressed and convinced of the necessity of reconstructions in Ukrainian fruitgrowing. Then it was suggested the need for creation the magazine that would help the acquire the intensive technologies. The idea was supported and in March (18.03.1993) first issue of the quarterly journal of scientific and production signed to press.


The scientific approach

The scientific approach to solving actual problems of practical fruitgrowing were the basis of the national magazine “Horticultural News.” “Uman School” of scientific fruitgrowing was just the environment where it was starting.

Due to international projects, our fruit producers for the first time acquainted with practical aspects of modern fruitgrowing.

The magazine displayed the latest developments on commercial fruitgrowing, in cooperation with international projects was published special editions on the planting and treatment intensive orchards, particularly popular among practitioners.



The organizer of seminars
Since 1996 Editorship became the organizer of international scientific-practical seminar “The high technologies – to Horticulture,” which has already conducted more than twenty across the country. This special “Blooming apple trees holiday”, traditionally annually held in Uman State University of Horticulture in the first decade of May, attracts gardeners from all over Ukraine and neighboring countries to hear and see new in the technology of growing fruits and berries, from planting to harvesting, storage and sales.

In XXV seminar in 2009  was attended about  450 growers from all regions of Ukraine, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Germany, Moldova, Poland and Russia.


The training
Analyzing the passed 18 years of existence the way of “Horticultural News” we can summ up done for the training of scholars and practitioners on the basis of modern systems of intensive horticulture .

In 1996 in Uman State University of Horticulture Professor Oleksandr Melnyk first time in Ukraine initiated a special training course “High density technologies in fruitgrowing”, transformed in 2000 into part of the state course – “World agricultural technologies in fruit, vegetable growing and viticulture.” For lack of available literature the main tool for students was the magazine “Horticultural News”.

The magazine in itself was a school for a considerable number of graduates of University, demanded in the labor market, as well as the feedback element of the Department of fruitgrowing and viticulture production.


The idea of ​​training practitioners occurred simultaneously with the “Dutch” project because it was decided to report the results of observations made ​​by workshops. Since 1996, leaders of local fruitgrowing farms received requests to conduct training and education. Training was based on information with the magazine “Horticultural News” into one-or days-workshops, the Department of Horticulture and viticulture Uman State University of Horticulture, directly in the farms, as well as on-site in fruitgrowing advanced countries of Western Europe (only in 2011 it was six). Often training transformed into regional, national and international seminars.




International Projects

Activity of magazine drew the attention of international funds and organizations that have offered to participate in their programs. Together with the American Corporation ACDI-VOCA began the creation of regional associations of intensive horticulture within which a series of educational seminars. The consequence of this activity was the creation in 2001  Association of intensive horticulture in Vinnitsa region, in 2002 – in Bukovina and in 2003 in Cherkasy.




In the framework of “Partnership for Peace” corporation CNFA (USA), along with revision implemented ten days trip to Ukraine American specialist Robert Eshleman. Then the owner of 100 hectares orchard from Ohio spoke at the five regional seminars of intensive fruitgrowing involving more than 400 domestic scientists, practitioners and students.

Over time these activities became part of the regional training centers and farmers support.